How do I book The Ceilidh Mafia?

You can make any bookings or enquiries by going to our 'Contact' page and completing an enquiry form, or alternatively you can give Jonny a call on the numbers at the bottom of the page or contact us at We will be happy to discuss any requirements and help you plan your evening.

How much does it cost?

Fees are variable dependent on the length of the ceilidh and how far we have to travel, but we aim to be very competitive.

Do you require a deposit?

We ask for a 10% deposit to confirm all our bookings.

Do you explain the dances?

Yes. Both Jonny and Emma are experienced ceilidh callers  who can give participants simple, step-by-step instructions to all the dances so that, even if you've never done ceilidh dancing before, you will be a pro by the end of the night!

Where can I hear The Ceilidh Mafia?

You can here our recordings via the Soundcloud link on our home page or check out our Facebook page here. If you would like to hear us live, feel free to get in touch and we can let you know when we will be gigging in your area. 

How Far Can You Travel?

Distance is no object. We are more than happy to utilise planes, trains and automobiles to bring you our unique ceilidh experience!

Can you play any celine dion songs on the bagpipes?